“Institutional Critique: An Anthology of Artists’ Writings”

This book was recommended to me by Mick O’Kelly Lecturer in Sculpture at NCAD. It is a great starting point for anyone interested in a critical view of the institution (mainly the visual art institution). The book focuses mainly on the foundation of an approach to making artwork developed post 1968 by artists who had developed an awareness of the effect of the dominant institutions on art production. These artists made work to make the striations of influence more visible to all, or made work as protest to the system. While the emphasis is on bring to attention the writings of these early artists working towards an early more idealistic institutional critique I found this idealism quite refreshing compared to todays more restrained middle-ground writing.

Alberto, A. Stimson, B., 2011, Institutional Critique: An Anthology of Artists’ Writings, MIT Press

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